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Why is that?

Experience. Experience. Join UP! is a tour operator from Ukraine whose history began in 2010. During that time, the company has become a leader in the tourism direction. We had sent more than 1 million travelers on vacation per year.

Geography. Nowadays, Join UP! operates successfully in the markets of the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Kazakhstan.

Multiprofile. What do we offer? A strong product and good prices due to big shares on all markets, a lot of exclusive hotels. We discover and offer new exotic countries, and use a special approach for well-known destinations.

Strategic partners. Since 2018, SkyUp Airlines is an essential and strategic partner of Join UP!тм The Ukrainian carrier has 12 modern medium-haul aircraft. The average age of the fleet is 14 years. And we offer you additional services – choice of a seat on board, extra baggage, animal transportation.

Expertise. Well, we have wide experience in the tourism sector, we are expanding actively, setting trends, and helping the growth and development of the agencies who work with us. We know how to create an amazing tourism product, which is now available in the Baltic countries.

Mission and values. Our goal is to involve people in traveling and change their views of the world. We believe that travel is more than a recreation — it is an inspiration for future achievements and a great opportunity to be open-minded to new things.

Join UP! in the Baltic States

Presence in the Baltics. Join UP! Baltic had been opened on April,13, 2022. Currently, the tour operator runs in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Our offices are in Vilnius, Tallinn, and Riga (the head office for the Baltic States).

Team. The Baltic team consists of professionals with huge experience in tourism, who have complete information about the product and will help you with all operational issues.

Travel possibilities for everyone. The portfolio of the company includes many types of vacation: for families with children, large business companies, for those who cannot imagine their vacation without sports or parties, for those who wants privacy and romance. We will always help you find the perfect option.


  • Head Office:
    Business centre "Unity" 2nd floor
    Vienības venue 109, Riga, Latvia
  • Representative office in Vilnius:
    Business centre "ONE" 2nd floor
    Ukmerges str. 322, Vilnius 06142, Lithuania
  • Representative office in Tallinn:
    Business centre "Zenith" 4th floor
    Narva mnt 7B - 403, Tallinn, Estonia


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